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The magazine also has a dating site called Diva Date.Her Formally known as Dattch, this dating app has recently launched in the US.So go get looking for love, because these are the best lesbian dating apps.

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we take a close look at the size of the messaging app market, how these apps are changing, and the types of opportunities for monetization that have emerged from the growing audience that uses messaging services daily.

Barclays was fined £1.5 billion ($2.4 billion) in total on Wednesday by US and UK authorities for business failures that allowed traders to rig the currency markets.

The smoking gun came in the form of transcripts from chatrooms, similar to three years ago when the British bank paid a £290 million ($457 million) in June 2012 for the manipulation of some of the world's most important interbank lending rates, known as Libor.

Here are the highlights from the UK's Financial Conduct Authority and US' Department of Financial Services statements about a group of traders who called themselves "The Cartel," "the players," "the 3 musketeers" in an online chatroom.

Although statistics show that homosexual men, "…count for more than half (53%) of all new HIV infections in the U. each year, as well as nearly half (48%) of people living with HIV," women consist of more than 15 million of the world population living with HIV or AIDS, and children make up more than 2 million of the HIV and AIDS world infected population.

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