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Filming for the first series started in August 2016, with the show airing later that month. The first series was made up of 15 episodes airing every weekday.In 2017 a second and third series was confirmed to air in early and late 2017 unlike the first series the second and third series would last one week longer with 20 episodes.

There are many struggles that come with post concussion syndrome and living with a TBI, but the Lord HOME RULES Always be Honest Proverbs Count your blessing Psalms 34:1-3 Bearing each other's burdens Galatians 6:2 Forgive and Forget Micah Be kind and tender hearted Ephesians 4;32 Comfort one another 1Thessalonians Keep your promises Roman Help one another Acts Be true to each other Revelations 15:3 Look after each other Deuteronomy Treat each other like you treat your friends Matthew but most important: LOVE ONE ANOTHER deeply from the heart 1Peter 1:2 Being a Child of the One True King There are a lot of things I could write in this allotted spot, but I feel like that's just me doing a lot of talking. I value God's word and try to apply it in every area of my life.

So how about you save me some time and just ask about the things you'd like to know x D Are you standing in grace and sitting in the heavens? I am open to deeper Christian ministry as the Lord Jesus leads.

Currently I am a full time college stu Iam looking for a god fearing woman. My woman should love the Lord and what to get to know him better as well. Im a helpmate and i enjoy helping with trades such as home improvements. It would be nice to find someone who is into this line of work, but if not, thats ok.

I think a personal relationship with god is important but also wish to get to know him with you. I think that god is wanting me to go into that Ministry. Thank You for reading I was born again at the age of 5. Every Christian is a member Ive spent my life meeting the wrong men, im looking for a christian gentlemen. The man i date and marry must uphold christian values, many say they believe but few act like true christians. I am seeking my other half to walk this path that our Father has given to us ..

She knows who she is in Christ, that she is loved by God and rests in Him.

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