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So if you are newly out or looking for the partner of your dreams, here are a few tips on how to meet and date a butch woman.

A butch woman Gender identities are at the best of times complex things but when it comes to lesbian women, constructions of feminity and masculinity involve a whole range of combinations in between.

They’re more likely found under the hood of a car than the makeup counter at MAC. It just doesn’t matter who you’re attracted to and, of course, it doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say (except for us).

But, it’s not about how you look on the outside that determines who is butch or femme, it's how you feel on the inside. Lipstick: How people identify is often disconnected from how people see them, too. Do you think some women feel they should date the "opposite" type? Dipstick: Funny thing is, you’ll see a lot of femme/femme couples and a lot of butch/femme couples, but for some reason butch/butch is more taboo. I say, don’t let anyone dictate to you what is and isn’t okay. The most important thing to remember is that we only get one shot on this earth — for all we know — so you’d better just follow your heart and be happy.

You won't know if someone is who she says she is until you get to know her.

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