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In many ways, our teen years and early 20s are about exploration—learning who we are and ultimately making some mistakes from which we can grow.

Adam Pazda, who has conducted various studies on the topic of color, says: “Red is inextricably linked with romance and sex in Western culture — think of Valentine’s Day hearts, red lipstick and even red-light districts.

Psychologists have found, in multiple studies, that whatever a woman’s intentions when she dons a red outfit, men respond.” Moreover, studies suggest that such responses are typical of both men and women.

I don’t blame you for a second, and I’m not going to tell you which things you should give up in order to find the man of your dreams.

What I will do today is illustrate to you how even your simplest list of non-negotiable dealbreakers is the very thing that is keeping you from finding love.

The BFF Material Guy Ladies, don’t overlook the BFF.

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