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Otherwise the DDG Recipient Container defaults to the OU where the DDG was created. Here is a sample DDG that I created in my lab using the same Power Shell cmdlet that they were using. Notice that the Recipient Container matches the Organizational Unit where it was created. This can be changed here or through the Set-Dynamic Distribution Group cmdlet in Power Shell.You will also notice that Exchange 2010 adds some additional information to your query, for example, to exclude Arbitration Mailboxes, Discovery Mailboxes, etc.

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This would be a query of maybe the users have a certain attribute for their job title or their department or a number of other things.

In the actions screen you can see that we have the ability to create a dynamic Distribution Group in addition to just a regular Distribution Group. I’m going to click on new dynamic Distribution Group and I’m going to call this one Human Resources. I can say well maybe the recipient is in that HR department.

It just was not that easy to troubleshoot(but in the end, it all makes sense) This is what happened : I created a dynamic distribution list, based on company field : When I looked at the ‘preview’ of the DL in the Exchange Management Console, the same users are returned. So I tried sending an email to my newly created DL, but nobody received my email.

So I had a look at the Message Tracking Log : Timestamp : 5/11/2008 Client Ip : Client Hostname : Server Ip : Server Hostname : EXCHANGESRV1 Source Context : EXCHANGESRV1.Connector Id : Source : ROUTING Event Id : EXPAND Internal Message Id : 92432 Message Id : [email protected]ts : Recipient Status : Total Bytes : 7043 Recipient Count : 0 Related Recipient Address : [email protected] : Message Subject : test Sender : [email protected] Path : [email protected] Info : So although the definition of the Dynamic Distribution List seemed to be ok, no recipient could be found.

You can audit all of the DDGs using the following cmdlet.

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