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The exercises are slated to take place November 16-20.This will be the seventh time "Bastion" exercises will take place, and they usually occur during times of heightened tensions between the US and Cuba.Then the ‘men’ all sit down, spread around the classroom, and the women choose their partners.

Once I’ve run around and corrected the most painful mistakes (“How about you character? Because men are underrepresented in most of my classes, I have to even up the numbers and some of the women end up pretending to be male for the rest of the lesson.

They don’t mind as soon as they realise that they won’t have to work with any icky boys.

This tends to go on until I’ve had a chance to listen to everyone talk, or at least until I realise they’re not bothering to use English anymore.

It’s not always the most productive of activities but it is among the most student-led ones.

Cuba announced Wednesday that the country would conduct five days of military exercises throughout the country.

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