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If you want unused Autoload tokens credited back to your credit card, please contact Customer Service.Prices, discounts, number of available recorded shows, exclusive Fan Club videos, and nude show photos are determined by model and subject to change.It implements the TOC protocol and provides a solid framework for understanding and writing your own IM clients or bots.

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In this day and age, it's totally normal for people to message each other with photos, videos and emoji from a handheld piece of technology using popular apps like Snapchat, Whats App, Facebook Messenger and others.

Given how mainstream these apps have become, it's sort of hard to believe that just less than a couple of decades ago, none of these apps existed at all.

Java Web-based Clients[list][*]AIM Express lets you send instant messages directly from a Web browser.[*]ICQ2Go! Use ICQ2Go! from any computer, even where ICQ is not installed.

New features include adding and messaging AOL & AIM users.[*]d MSN is just like your normal MSN, you can sign in, talk to friends, change your name, talk with your friend etc..[*]New Yahoo! Web Messenger (Beta)Yahoo! Web Messenger gives you the basic features of Yahoo! Messenger without having to download the full application.[*]Simple AIM is a miniature console-based AIM client written in pure Java.

Those who are old enough to remember using a much simpler version of the internet probably also had some experience with one or two popular instant messaging services that popped up during those days. For a quick trip down memory lane, have a look at some of the old instant messaging tools the world grew to love back before the internet was such a social place. It was eventually acquired by AOL in 1998 and peaked at more than 100 million registered users.

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