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At the trial in 2013 relatives lashed out at Brooks as a craven killer - 'a cowardly liar, a parasite to our society, an abuser of women and a repulsive murderer,' in the words of one of Cachay's brothers, Patrick Orlando.

The duo checked into the Soho House hotel after a small fire in Cachay's apartment.

These days, you have to do the apology tour for getting the week-old girlfriend wrong, so, sorry world.” Patrick then replayed the audio of Buck’s goof and asked the longtime announcer what was going through his mind when Faxon corrected him.

“I’ve done way worse than this, that’s the funny thing,” Buck said.

It appears the group’s two best friends have been fighting the last couple years to the degree that the good ship CSN may have finally sailed off into the sunset.

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