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Such a huge drop in light over time made the comet hypothesis seem less likely.

The strange dimming of the star KIC 8462852, made famous by speculation it might host an alien megastructure, is even stranger than we knew.

New findings, if they survive peer review, won't make it more likely that the star is hosting a highly evolved alien civilization, but probably discredit the current explanation, that the star was briefly obscured by comets.

Note that unless the radius has been determined through a transit observation, this is only an approximation (see Lissauer et al. The following plot shows the approximate location of the planets in this system with respect to the habitable zone (green) and the size of the star (red).

Pasadena, CA— A star known by the unassuming name of KIC 8462852 in the constellation Cygnus has been raising eyebrows both in and outside of the scientific community for the past year.

The whole area (84 hectares) is due for completion in 2013 but some parts of the KIC Plaza are already up and running.

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