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It also singled out the Eighth Amendment, which protects the right to life of the unborn, saying that it “unduly restricts access to abortion” and called for a constitutional referendum on the issue.

“Essentially they said a constitutional referendum needs to take place and how societal views have changed considerably since they last heard Ireland’s progress on this, which was a decade ago.

A native of Chicago, IL he came to Cincinnati 4 years ago from Spring Hill, FL to be close to his family after the death of his wife, ...

Loving mother of Rose (Vernon) Scott, Chester Walton, Steven Walton and the late Leroy Walton. Howard Furlong passed away peacefully on Monday August 7, 2017.

The night Logan can't sleep and Chelsea arrives at his apartment, there is falling rain vigorously streaking the outside of his window (and later Chelsea's window when they arrive at her loft) but exterior scenes have only wet streets. The two fall in love (or about as 80's as it gets - they become partners) in representing an airy client (Daryl Hannah) who may (or may not) have committed a major art fraud/crime. written by the guys who wrote "Top Gun" and "Dick Tracy", it's a big, over-packaged film that's both romantic comedy, star-vehicle, and glossy, synthetic who-done-it.

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