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"They think that any woman out by herself is a prostitute," she speculates, then pauses.

"Then again, we're all at least seventy years old." Our two-week trip, sponsored by Smithsonian Study Tours, is the very first to bring a group of American tourists to Saudi Arabia.

Al-Saud was arrested on suspicion of forced oral copulation with an adult, police said. He was released from jail earlier Thursday after posting it.

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The move is the culmination of a three-month government campaign to root out gunmen from the 400-year-old Musawara neighborhood of Awamiya.

The government considers the area to be a breeding ground for opposition groups and the center of anti-government protests, where many locals have chafed under Sunni rule.

Having requested some 64,557 distinct web pages and found 2,038 to be blocked, we conclude that Saudi Arabia indeed blocks a range of web content beyond that which is sexually explicit.

One of the most secretive of the OPEC countries, Saudi Arabia has finally decided to open its doors to Westerners.

Prior to last fall, tourist visas to "the kingdom," as it is known, did not exist.

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